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    Moisturizing a skin - as well an significant step, so it turns out that, in preserving a great there is nothing unimportant. When a skin is rightly hydrated, it is much later skin wrinkle - this also applies to men. A women's body is more than 2/3 of the h2o, so when cells lose it, a elasticity of a skin is as well lost, it is covered with wrinkles and aging.

    Apply the best moisturizer for you, but do not forget that a skin and moisture gets inside - so comfortably as diet food.

    You may possess heard that we should drink more pure h2o - it is true. Of course, do not fill with aqua "to the back of a head," but some 2-2.5 liters per time to drink stands, and even replace yolk, coffee and soft drinks herbal teas, good juice and natural compote.

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