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  • Natural honey Mask of wrinkles around a eyes


    The cover of honey and corn for very dry face and wrinkles. It is indispensable to good blend 2 soup spoon ground corn with TWO tbsp natural honey and 1 spoon strong tea, throw in a little h2o and gently heating the mixture in a h2o bath. A cover is used to a face around a skin eyes and on his facial skin, in the form of heat, lay down and lay on top of the jack-towel. Keep 20 min, then sluice off with soft water and used to the facial skin time fluid, which is usually used.

    Mask with a yolk of the wrinkles around the skin eyes


    Mask with egg yolk nourishes the skin and as well skin wrinkles. Yolk mix with the breeding juice of half a lemon, chopped zest and 1 tsp of olive butter. The mixing was applied to the face around a skin eyes for 30 minutes then remove soaked in cool natural milk cosmetic discs.

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