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    Cover with milk: heartwarming natural milk to be added so much flour to the mixture looked same sour fluid, then add a boiled egg, combine and apply the mixture to a clean out face. Hold 20 min and Carefully wash with aqua and a small lemon juice.

    Rejuvenates as well mask the protein, natural honey (1 teaspoon) and mealy (2 tsp.) Protein shake up in the foam, append the flour and natural honey, stir properly, and 20 min to put on cleansed facial skin. Rinse off with heartwarming h2o.

    Simple potatoes properly to rejuvenate the skin, specifically very dry - smooth fine and not even highly fine lines. You just seethe the potatoes in their skins for a duo, polish, stretch and in the shape of warmth applied to the facial skin. Later 20 min, rinse with soft water. For mashed potatoes, It is possible to add a small milk or serum.

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