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  • Olive oil for mild lips


    The simplest technique to lip upkeep - vegetable oil, and the best olive butter - it may at the present time be easily bought. It is possible to apply it on a night - a thicker layer, and in a afternoon - just like a balm, and you can make with it scrub, mix it with sugar - otshelushatsya old cells, and a face will return to the lips moist, soft and sweet.

    Using butter lip care, you should know any details. In efficient, natural and nutritious olive oil nobody doubts, but its incorrect use may contribute to the matter rather than solve it. If you use it on the lips all the time, some times daily, and even grab a facial skin around a lips, can cause irritation and sores - for young skin it happens frequently. And here is where however much depends on the property of a product: do not hurry up to buy any oil that says - "Olive", but looking virgin olive butter, and store separately in a refrigerator, in a bottle of darkness glass, and it is better to mix it 1 1 with almond oil, grape seed or buckwheat germ.

    You can add it in the cosmetics - lipstick, balm, gloss: this will increase a efficiency, and lips will have complete food and complete protection.

    Softens, moisturizes and softens a skin of lips blend of ripe avocado butter with essence oils: ripe avocado butter - 1 tbsp, rose essence butter and sandalwood butter - TWO drops.

    Sesame oil is known for its property to penetrate deeply into the facial skin, to soften it and to prevent the emergence of early skin wrinkles, it as well absorbs UV rays. It may not be assorted with anything, and just chill and apply to lips - several drops.

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