Masks for cleansing any face


To cleanse oily facial skin to a few times a 7 days to do a mask with rice and yolk. Crushed flakes (1 cup) mix with baking yolk (1 tablespoon), and use 1 tbsp a mix, stirring it in cool aqua. Slurry is used to damp skin, gently massage 1-TWO min, so keep this cover for size 10 min. Removed with a cotton swab, soaking them in coldness h2o.

Highly simple version - the mask of drugstore tincture of calendula and common child powderise - before it was sold in a drugstore. Powderise (1 soup spoon) assorted with calendula, make a thick paste and apply it on your face for Fifteen minutes. Removed in a same method so a previous mask. This mask tightens pores and reduces acne.

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