Mask with spinach of skin wrinkles around a skin eyes


Strong antioxidant effect has spinach, and covers with them eliminate skin wrinkles around the skin eyes, do finer wrinkles and ensure prevention of new ones. Spinach (2 sweet sheet) want be closely bruise and squeeze the juice out of it, so mix up 1 tsp. A juice with 10 grams of butter solution of vitamin A and 1 teaspoonful cream or gel to the skin around the eye, which you would normally apply. This mask is used to the area under a skin eyes for half an hour, then carefully remove soaked in cold-blooded boiled milk cosmetic discs.

Cover of medium banana and apricot of skin wrinkles around the eyes


Cover of ripe banana pulp with serum or sour fluid makes the face mild and supple, nourishes it and reduces skin wrinkles. To mix 1 tsp both, to put on the skin eyes, hold for 15 minutes and rinse with warm aqua.

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