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  • Home tonic for a face and body recipes for all skin types


    Apply toner can and want be at any age, but it want be chosen based on the type of skin. One of a universal components used in tonics, is a cucumber. Among a recipes home remedies for face leaving and prescriptions is a tonic for the whole aging body. Most home tonics can be stored for a 7 days...

    Peeling of a skin: the causes and as to get rid of. Treatment peeling skin on your skin

    Peeling face - a problem familiar to many women. Weather, climate, lack of vitamins and minerals in our schedule for can cause face peeling. A easiest and safest way to treat facial skin peeling are traditional recipes of masks and scrubs flaky face...

    Regeneration. Means renewal of skin cells

    Fortunately, today there are more cosmetic items that do not cover facial skin problems, and solve them. Of course, with age, our facial skin is restored and fades worse because slower updated cells. When a rate of cell turnover slows down, on a surface get to accumulate...

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