Skin covers Raspberry


Very dry skin is correctly hydrated and fed with a mixture of raspberry breeding juice (1 tsp) with a raw boiled egg. The person want be greased with fat cream, and put on a mix for Thirty minutes. Later ablution with heartwarming water, you can optionally re-apply the same cream.

For dry and ordinary skin moisturizing cover fits with any butter (1 teaspoon) and milk (1 spoon) Throw in the butter and natural milk to fresh egg and raspberries (4-5 pcs.), All fine ground and add oat floury if a mixture is too runny. A cover is applied to a facial skin for 15 minutes and then washing with warm and cool water.

In ordinary facial skin do a similar mask, but a yolk to add not just raspberry fresh juice (1 teaspoon), but the like capacity of olive oil and sour cream. Flour if required, add more barley. Raspberry leaf prepare a broth, and steamed complete him skin, and then on 20 minutes put on it a mix. Wash freshly green tea.

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