Peeling skin: causes and however to get rid of. Treatment peeling face on face: people and medicine


Peeling skin - a issue familiar to a lot of gerls. In men, face peel off less ofttimes however you enjoy butter glands work differently, but we at a age is to treat your skin closely, and above all, to know a causes that may cause peeling.

Of course, men with dry face type peeling occurs more frequently, and there is also a hereditary factor - when they tend to very dry a face, not only a skin but the entire aging body and the facial skin, but with age the matter is compounded.

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Skin covers Raspberry


Recommended for aging facial skin mask with raspberries (1 spoon), cheese (the like), and honey (1 tsp..) Ingredients mix until shine and put on face for 10-Fifteen minutes. Washing off with lukewarm water.

Make a similar mask for sensitive facial skin, just take the cheese and natural honey 1 teaspoonful, and not mix with fruits and raspberry extract (2 teaspoonful.) Mix thickly used to a face, hold for 15 minutes and sluice off with cool aqua.

Easy mask for oily facial skin - with raspberry and black bread. Fresh bread crumb crumble and mash with a handful of fresh fruits, the mixing is used to the face, how if rubbing it. After Fifteen minutes, sluice with soft water.

Pores cover with a addition of egg white and grapefruit extract (1 tsp..) You are mix with 1 tbsp mashed into mush raspberries, add a little floury and put on facial skin for Fifteen minutes. Wash off with cool water.

Aging combination skin will help cover with raspberries and honey. Raspberries - 6-7 fruits, natural honey - 1 teaspoon; pounded ingredients, applied to the face, hold for 10 minutes and Thoroughly wash off with cool water.

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Folk remedies for peeling skin


And of course, a easiest and safest technique to stay pop recipes.

Simple proceedings: Mix honey and h2o, and after cleansing to massotherapy a face with circular motions, wetting his hands in this resolution - this technique exfoliate dead skin cells. Of the a person should rinse with clean water, wet and immediately use moisturizer.

Extremely goodness peel cover with natural milk and natural butter. It is indispensable to make rice with milk, mix 1 soup spoon warm porridge with honey and butter (olive) butter (1 teaspoon), and use this mix on a face, as if gently rubbing. Hold for 10-Fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water.

You can not apply cooked oatmeal, and just grind them in a coffee grinder. A ingredients are mixed to 1 teaspoon: olive butter, natural honey, crushed cereal, and egg yolks, a mixing is used to the skin - a circular, massaging gently, hold for Fifteen minutes and bath off with hot water.

Homemade scrubs, unlike many purchased, do not hurt the skin.

It is possible to apply the milk leaves with the beautiful black tea, coffee grounds, however good however big apple slices, cucumber, watermelon, rubbing a skin on a massotherapy lines.

A bit of white fresh bread soaked in milk, also cleans the face: pulp from it is applied to a face and wash off of the 20 minutes with coldness h2o.

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Cover to lighten skin issue


Brighten the complexion with female facial skin will help cover of parsley (TWO tbsp.), a same quantity of milk yoghurt and 1 tablespoon Rowan fresh extract - you can change it with grapefruit or cucumber. Parsley want be thoroughly crushed, keep a mask on the face Fifteen minutes.

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Covers, pores


Excellent pores mask with egg white. Protein want be beaten to a froth, add the dry white white wine (1 soup spoon), blend and apply a mixing on a face for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold-blooded h2o.

Mature dry skin cleans and dries a cover of egg white and natural honey (1 teaspoon) and flour - potatoes or millet. To beaten egg add natural honey and floury to shape a paste, which is then used to a face for Fifteen minutes.

Egg whites are ofttimes used in masks for dry skin. Cover with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is necessary to closely mash good dandelion leaves, and combine 3 tbsp mass with beaten eggs.

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Covers for Skin Rejuvenation


Mask with natural milk: heartwarming natural milk to be added as much flour to the mixing looked similar sour cream, then throw in a fresh egg, combine and apply the mixing to a polish face. Hold 20 minutes and Thoroughly wash with aqua and a little grapefruit extract.

Rejuvenates as well mask the protein, honey (1 tsp) and mealy (2 tsp.) Protein shake up in a foam, throw in a flour and natural honey, stir good, and 20 min to put on cleansed facial skin. Rinse off with heartwarming water.

Simple potatoes well to rejuvenate the facial skin, specifically very dry - polish nice and not even highly lovely lines. You just seethe a potatoes in their skins for a duo, clean, stretch and in a form of warmth applied to a face. After 20 min, rinse with warm aqua. For mashed potatoes, It is possible to add a some natural milk or cream.

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Covers for gentle lips


The best home care about lips - masks of fresh food and other natural components: they get anything to make the lips mild and bright.

A cover of flesh candy red apple moisturizes, nourishes and softens lips peeled clove of fresh big apple rub on a little grater, cut 1 tsp. Gruel with teaspoon softened a butter for 15 minutes and is applied to a lips. Remove a paint mix is moist cotton swab.

Can be used not only Apple, but also medium bananas, apricots, gooseberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, beets, cucumbers and other fresh fruits and vegetables in season - you all get a similar capacity, and a lip is much useful.

Useful and simple massotherapy chunks of raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Sliced good cucumber, watermelon, melon, strawberry, medium banana, kiwi or other watermelon for 5-10 minutes in a circular motion gently massotherapy the facial skin of lips.

Nourishing and softening cover fat curds. Cheese (? Teaspoon) rubbed with cream (1 teaspoonful) and a thick layer of the mixture is used to the lips. Keep Fifteen minutes, sluice off with warm water and smeared lips fat fluid or Vaseline.

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