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  • Grinding face at home


    Among current cosmetic procedures grinding face has become extremely well-known: It helps to speedily get rid of a lot of problems with the skin - age spots, scars, scars, acne, skin wrinkles, etc. Types of grinding face now there are a lot of, and most of them can be done in a professional salon, since these procedures want special equipment and the presence of a cosmetologist, but at home It is possible to successfully improve a condition of their facial skin.

    At home, it is normally potential to carry out 2 types of face care resurfacing: mechanical exfoliation and superficial chemical peel. Required to give effect to certain types of cosmetics, which comprise components, exfoliating a top layers of a skin - may be used how purchased, and home remedies.

    Mechanical peeling easier to hold: No limited knowledge is required for this - just keep the formula and all the rules of process, and the components for it can pick up easily. You can pick up the abrasive materials: crushed walnut shell, algae, and even fine sand - most importantly, to a face during the process does not hurt. Apply cosmetics need to damp facial skin and rinse with heartwarming or better a some hot, but in any case no hot water.

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    Covers for Facial skin Rejuvenation


    Mask with milk: heartwarming milk to be added as much mealy to a mix looked like sour fluid, so append the egg, mix and use the mixture to a clean face. Hold 20 min and bath with water and a small grapefruit breeding juice.

    Rejuvenates also mask the protein, natural honey (1 tsp) and mealy (TWO tsp.) Protein shake up in a foam, add a floury and honey, stir thoroughly, and 20 minutes to put on cleansed skin. Rinse off with heartwarming h2o.

    Simple potatoes properly to rejuvenate the face, specifically dry - polish great and not even very fine lines. You just boil the potatoes in your skins for a couple, clean out, stretch and in the configuration of warmth used to a face. Of the 20 min, rinse with warm aqua. For mashed potatoes, It is possible to throw in a small natural milk or cream.

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    Care for question skin


    Most often, the problem is combination skin - here we mean the tendency to the formation of acne and blackheads. A facial skin needs constant cleaning to it could clog the pores and get inflamed. Warm h2o, how usual, it is not indispensable to washing - this salootdelenie becomes more intense, and a pores of a facial skin increases.

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    Care about question face


    Most frequently, a problem is female facial skin - here we mean the tendency to a formation of acne and blackheads. Your skin requires constant cleaning to it could clog a pores and become inflamed. Hot water, how ordinary, it is not indispensable to ablution - this salootdelenie becomes more intense, and the pores of a skin increases.

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    Covers for Skin Rejuvenation


    Cover with milk: heartwarming natural milk to be added so much flour to the mixture looked same sour fluid, then add a boiled egg, combine and apply the mixture to a clean out face. Hold 20 min and Carefully wash with aqua and a small lemon juice.

    Rejuvenates as well mask the protein, natural honey (1 teaspoon) and mealy (2 tsp.) Protein shake up in the foam, append the flour and natural honey, stir properly, and 20 min to put on cleansed facial skin. Rinse off with heartwarming h2o.

    Simple potatoes properly to rejuvenate the skin, specifically very dry - smooth fine and not even highly fine lines. You just seethe the potatoes in their skins for a duo, polish, stretch and in the shape of warmth applied to the facial skin. Later 20 min, rinse with soft water. For mashed potatoes, It is possible to add a small milk or serum.

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    Skin Upkeep lips.


    Cosmetics for facial skin attention, including a lips, now it has get extremely much: in stores and pharmacies may easily buy medicated creams and gels, pomades and balms - they get a lot of useful ingredients, they smell extremely nice, look fine and kept may be long, but limited in a attention of the lips alone purchase cosmetics should not be - "chemistry" in its composition is still not canceled.

    If a apply of such funds to best of care, it's okay, probably not, but for those women who apply the shop plant constantly, lips quickly fade, fade and wither, so go without do-up is almost impossible - you'll possess to " masked "time and night.

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