Face masks Raspberry

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Recommended for aging face cover with raspberries (1 tablespoon), cottage cheese (the same), and honey (1 tsp.) Ingredients mix until shine and put on skin for 10-Fifteen minutes. Thoroughly wash off with lukewarm water.

Make a similar cover for sensitive face, just pick up the cottage cheese and natural honey 1 tsp, and not assorted with fruits and raspberry juice (TWO teaspoonful.) Mixture thickly used to a skin, hold for Fifteen minutes and Thoroughly wash off with cool h2o.

Easy mask for dry face - with raspberry and black fresh bread. Bread crumb crumble and mash with a handful of sweet fruits, a mixture is used to a facial skin, however if rubbing it. Later Fifteen minutes, Thoroughly wash with heartwarming water.

Pores mask with the addition of eggs white and grapefruit juice (1 tsp..) They are mix with 1 tbsp mashed into mush raspberries, add a small mealy and put on skin for 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

Aging female skin will help mask with raspberries and honey. Raspberries - 6-7 fruits, honey - 1 teaspoon; pounded ingredients, applied to a skin, hold for 10 min and bath off with cool water.

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Almond Peeling: indications and contraindications. Procedure and effect

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Almond peeling is used to treat and rejuvenate the facial skin. Also, it is no less efficacious against skin aging hands and decollete. After a procedure, almond peeling smooth fine skin wrinkles, improve skin texture, fade age spots and activates cell renewal...

Care for ordinary face: wash, softening, moisturizing and nourishing

How to properly care about normal skin how long however possible to keep it healthy and beautiful To soften, moisturize and nourish the facial skin is desirable to use a light non-greasy fluid. Put it on a massage lines. To clear a ordinary skin in a satisfying and evening, you can use homemade lotions...

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Masks, pores

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Excellent pores mask with eggs white. Protein need be beaten to a froth, add a dry white white wine (1 soup spoon), mix up and apply the mixing on a face for 10 minutes. Rinse with coldness aqua.

Mature dry face cleans and dries the cover of egg white and honey (1 teaspoon) and floury - murphy or buckwheat. To beaten egg add natural honey and mealy to shape a paste, which is then used to the facial skin for 15 minutes.

Egg whites are often used in covers for any skin. Cover with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is necessary to carefully grind good dandelion leaves, and mix 3 tbsp gravity with beaten egg. Read more -->

Home lotion for young facial skin

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For the special attention of dry face prone to inflammation and acne, make great apply of home-based face lotion chamomile. Should pour stewing water (200 ml) very dry chamomile flowers (TWO teaspoonful), and seethe them for 5-7 minutes on short heating. After removing from heat, cooled soup, strain, append natural honey (1 teaspoon), stir and rub the facial skin TWO-3 minutes a day. Chamomile may be taken instead of sage.

Chocolate-brown spots and freckles

Besides acne, acne and inflammation, there are other facial skin conditions - pigmentation, scaling, etc.

If you have yet appeared freckles, age spots, so a face and neck skin want clean out your sweet birch sap - this maintenance helps with acne.

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Beginning a skin rejuvenation may cleanse - gently and properly cleanses a skin scrub with brownness sugar and papaya. Fresh papaya polish, half stretch in pulp and mix with sugar (1 tsp..) Use the mixing on the skin without touching the eye space, massaging in a circular motion and leave for any Fifteen minutes. Rinse with soft water, the face immediately posvezheet and get tender. Instead of papaya may take mandarin.

Cleansing serum or milk can be replaced with vegetable oils such as grape seed butter, almond, olive and other cosmetics disk dipped in hot water, put on a some drops of butter and rub the face of the massage lines.

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Masks for Skin Rejuvenation

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For the preparation of anti-aging masks from herbs need to pick up equal parts of lime leaves, cherry, currants, yarrow, plantain, raw materials nicely crushed, mix, and pour 4 soup spoon mixing with stewing water - how so to obtain a paste. When a mixing cools down, for Fifteen minutes used to a face and neck skin, washing off with cool water.

With a nectar of the aloe plant healing home can make excellent rejuvenating homemade cover. In a porcelain or glass cup combine aloe nectar (years 1 tbsp) of olive oil (1 teaspoonful), and a mix is applied to the pre-steamed face. Of the Fifteen minutes, a mask is removed with a damp cloth, and a top cause any - beaten with tsp. Salt raw eggs white, hold for 10 minutes and wash off with hypericum tincture or sage. Following a mask is applied to a face diet food.

A more useful and nutritious mask is obtained with a big banana, yoghurt (2 spoon) and natural honey (1 tablespoons) Milk yoghurt and honey mixed with mashed pulp medium banana pulp is used to a face, hold for 15-20 minutes and ablution off with hot h2o.

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