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Start a skin rejuvenation can cleanse - gently and fine cleanses a face scrub with browned sugar and papaya. Good papaya polish, half stretch in pulp and mix with sugar (1 teaspoon.) Use the mixture on the face without touching a eye space, massaging in a circular motion and leave for any Fifteen minutes. Rinse with soft h2o, a skin immediately posvezheet and get tender. Instead of papaya may take orange.

Cleansing cream or natural milk can be replaced with vegetable oils like grape seed butter, almond, olive and other cosmetics disk dipped in hot water, put on a any drops of oil and rub the face of a massage lines.

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Acne Mask for any skin

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Prevents acne cover with herbs and zinc powderise. Chopped green mint and cilantro (1 soup spoon) assorted with a small cold water, add to a zinc powderise, stir and use for Fifteen minutes on the issue areas. Rinse with cool h2o.

If the face is struck by acne and acne, it is required to do protein-camphor cover: to throw in a whipped egg white camphor alcohol (10-15 drops), and a small grapefruit fresh juice. Apply mask to the facial skin, and hold until dry. The resulting film is water-washed off with water at room temperature.

Cover with peppermint and starch refreshes and tones young face, giving it a lightness matte finish. Sweet mint leaves are crushed, pour raw substances (3 tbsp) cups of boiling water, cover and leave for Thirty minutes. Read more -->

Cover with spinach of wrinkles around a eyes

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Strong antioxidant effect has spinach, and masks with them eliminate wrinkles around the skin eyes, do finer wrinkles and ensure prevention of new ones. Spinach (TWO fresh sheet) must be attentively mash and squeeze a juice out of it, so combine 1 tsp. The extract with 10 grams of butter solution of vitamin A and 1 tsp. Cream or gel to the face around a eye, which you would normally use. This mask is applied to a space under a eyes for 1/2 an hour, and then carefully remove soaked in cold-blooded boiled natural milk cosmetic discs.

Cover of medium banana and apricot of skin wrinkles around the eyes


Mask of banana pulp with cream or sour cream making the facial skin mild and supple, nourishes it and reduces skin wrinkles. To combine 1 tsp both, to put on your skin eyes, hold for 15 minutes and rinse with soft water.

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Potato cover of wrinkles around a eyes

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Potato cover has ever been one of a most effective, and against wrinkles around the skin eyes are also excellent help. On a finest grater grate a peeled necessary raw potatoes and add to to a resulting mush double cream. Combine and apply on the skin around the eyes for Fifteen minutes, then rinse with heartwarming h2o.

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Moisturizing Face

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Moisturizing a skin - as well an significant step, so it turns out that, in preserving the nice there is nothing unimportant. When the facial skin is correctly hydrated, it is much later skin wrinkle - this also applies to men. The women's body is more than 2/3 of a h2o, however when cells lose it, a elasticity of the face is as well lost, it is covered with skin wrinkles and aging.

Apply best moisturizer for you, but do not forget that the face and moisture gets inside - as good however food.

You may keep heard that we should drink more pure aqua - it is true. Of course, do not fill with h2o "to a back of the head," but about TWO-2.5 liters per time to drink stands, and even change soda, coffee and gentle drinks herbal teas, fresh nectar and organic compote.

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Face masks Raspberry

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Recommended for aging facial skin cover with raspberries (1 tablespoon), cheese (the same), and honey (1 tsp.) Ingredients mix until polish and put on face for 10-Fifteen minutes. Thoroughly wash off with lukewarm aqua.

Create a similar cover for sensitive skin, just put the dumplings and natural honey 1 tsp., and not mixed with fruits and raspberry juice (2 tsp.) Mixing thickly applied to the face, hold for 15 minutes and bath off with cool water.

Easy cover for oily face - with raspberry and black bread. Bread crumb crumble and bruise with a handful of recent fruits, a mixture is used to a face, how if rubbing it. Of the 15 minutes, wash with hot aqua.

Pores cover with a addition of eggs white and grapefruit juice (1 teaspoon.) They are mixed with 1 tbsp mashed into mush raspberries, append a small floury and put on skin for 15 minutes. Thoroughly wash off with cool water.

Aging dry skin will help cover with raspberries and honey. Raspberries - 6-7 fruits, honey - 1 teaspoon; pounded ingredients, applied to a face, hold for 10 minutes and wash out off with cool water.

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